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What do you know about Tucson, Arizona? If you’re like millions of Americans, you know it exists, but probably don’t know that much else about it. If you’d like to learn a little, then keep reading into the following paragraphs to do just that.


The city of Tucson is the second-largest in the state of Arizona and the county seat for Pima County. If you’ve ever seen the University of Arizona competing in many sports on ESPN or another network, this is where they are from. Tucson itself has over a half-million residents, and the broader metropolitan area has nearly over a million. It sits just over a hundred miles to the southeast of Phoenix, although both share the Arizona Sun Corridor.


Interstate 10 connects the two cities together, running from Santa Monica in California, through El Paso, Texas all the way to Jacksonville, Florida. The local airport connects to over a dozen different cities, and the rest of the country and many international destinations are available through connections in Phoenix. Interstate 19 goes south out Tucson in the direction of Nogales and then finally the border with Mexico; this is the only part of the interstate highway system that uses kilometer posts rather than mileposts, although speed limits get marked in both KPH and MPH.


Tucson’s climate is listed as hot desert, with only two real seasons. A very long and hot summer is followed by a mild winter. The average level of precipitation is just under 12 inches, and most of that happens in the monsoon season of the summer.


The construction and development of the aforementioned University of Arizona have driven much of the economic growth in and around Tucson. At the time of writing, it was also the city’s second-biggest employer. A number of government contractors, high-technology firms, and military personnel also drive incomes in the area thanks to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, and Fort Huachuca, which is home to the U.S. Army Intelligence Center. The city is also a significant hub of operations for the Union Pacific Railroad, whose Sunset Route links the ports of Los Angeles with the South and Southeast of the United States.


In the world of Mariachi music, Tucson is a center of influence. The city is also famous for its local variation of Sonoran-style Mexican food, although the last two decades have seen a proliferation in fining dining and ethnic eating options.


The nearby range of the Santa Catalina mountains offers opportunities for birding, picnicking, swimming, camping, mountain biking, fishing, photography, and hiking. There is also a sky ride available in the summer, which with enough snow can be turned into a ski lift, making this resort the southernmost skiing option in the lower 48 states. Because of such diversity here the designs of homes are very unique. 


Now that you’ve read this article, you’ve learned a few things about Tucson, Arizona. There’s quite a bit more about this city and the surrounding region to know, but can’t possibly be covered in this little content. Keep looking up more about this sunny, friendly place if you want to know more.

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